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GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker Device

GPS tracker is widely used in the positioning monitoring of vehicles, valuable goods, pets, security, etc. It has the characteristics of small size, fashionable appearance, durability and high positioning accuracy. Based on its use, long-term tracking requires the support of a reliable battery. 

Customized GPS Tracker Battery

Our GPS tracker battery of Hoppt Battery is made of high-voltage, high-capacity, low self-discharge, and fast-charging special battery materials. Provide reliable support for the long-lasting battery life of your products.

Product Case


Driving Recorder Battery


Bicycle Computer Battery


GPS Battery

Environmental Suitability

Suitable for a Variety of Temperature Environments​

Suitable for a Variety of Temperature Environments

Regarding tracker battery solutions for special temperature environments, Hoppt Battery has developed high-temperature tracker lithium batteries, ultra-low temperature tracker lithium batteries, and wide-temperature tracker lithium batteries that meet both conditions at the same time.

Applicable in Flammable and Explosive Environments​

Applicable in Flammable and Explosive Environments

For the use of the tracker in the flammable and explosive gas and liquid environment, Hoppt Battery has simultaneously developed an explosion-proof tracker lithium battery, which has passed the internationally renowned explosion-proof certifications.


Battery Production Line Video

The factory has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, 100,000-level dust-proof workshop, fully automated production equipment, a perfect K value system, and an X-Ray system to strictly control the quality of the battery.


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