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Manufacturing Facility

Through our commitment to the continual improvement of our battery manufacturing facility, Hoppt can consistently provide the highest quality products. Through upgrades and augmentation of our manufacturing and test equipment and ongoing training and certification of our staff, we can meet the demands of our clients and stay ahead of the ever-changing market conditions of our industry.

Research &Design Team

HOPPT BATTERY has a strong R&D team and a laboratory with advanced equipment. Senior battery experts focus on 18650 lithium-ion batteries for special environments, high-rate and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and other fields.

Quality Control

Quality and safety are the No.1 priority for any of our solutions and products. All our manufacturing processes are strictly designed and inspected. Each step is closely monitored and inspected. Also, all our battery products will go through a series of testing and inspection processes to guarantee that all batteries shipped out meet the spec, and product quality.

What is our customer comment

We are a manufactory of making differentiated flashlights. We want to have a lithium battery discharge at a low temperature of -40 ℃, this kind of low-temperature battery can solve the extreme cold weather normal use. We found Hoppt to customize the battery which can match our product’s small size and using in the unstable weather. Yes, they made it. First Class Hoppt.

Tabbart Basgall

The technical team designed a complete solution according to my requirements. I am satisfied with their professional answer to my series of questions. Thanks to all efforts Hoppt team.

I am a headband company, some users forgot to charge the headband after using it, so they couldn't use it the second time. They had to wait until it was fully charged, and the charging time is long. I tell the confusion to Hoppt, they suggest we use 2C quickly charging, now my customer wasn’t worried about the problem again.


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  • Q.

    Do you make customized products?

    Yes. We provide customers with OEM/ODM solutions. The OEM minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

  • Q.

    What kind of certificate do you have?

    We have ISO9001, CB, CE, UL, BIS, UN38.3, KC, PSE.

  • Q.

    How long is your sample production time?

    Two weeks (14 days).

  • Q.

    What are the payment terms?

    We generally accept 50% advance payment as a deposit and 50% before the delivery as the final payment. Other methods can be negotiated.

  • Q.

    What is the payment method?

    We accept payment via TT.

  • Q.

    How do you package the products?

    We pack by United Nations regulations, and we can also provide special packaging according to customer requirements.

  • Q.

    Do you provide free samples?

    We provide batteries with a power not exceeding 10WH as free samples.

  • Q.

    How long does it take to produce?

    About 35 days. The specific time can be coordinated by email.

  • Q.

    What are the delivery terms?

    We provide: FOB and CIF.

  • Q.

    Which markets have you sold in?

    We have transported goods to Northern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and other places.


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