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What ls 2C/3C Fast Charge Battery?



Fast-changing technology allows for more efficiency while shortening charging times. Hoppt has 2C-3C fast charge battery. Let our customers conveniently. Drastically reduces charging time by about 45 minutes and reduces downtime of electronics.
Our manufacturer has passed the ISO audit to make sure reliability and stability.

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Fast Charge Battery

Key Features

  •  Drastically reduces charging time reducing downtime of electronics.
  • Charge characteristics:
    2C-3C charging systems:
    2C charging rate— 20mins, capacity ≥60%;
    30mins, capacity ≥80%;
    3C charging rate— 15mins, capacity ≥60%;
    20mins, capacity ≥80%;
  • Cycle life up to 500 times.
  • Please tell us your demand, we will meet the expectations of your company.
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Battery Curve Table:

2C Charging Curve
2C Charging Curve


  • 1.Provide power to electronic items such as laptops, tablets, GPS and on-board mobil enavigation systems.
  • 2.Help run digital equipment such as cell phones, cameras and other products.
  • 3. Deliver reliable power to various types of portable and mobile devices.
  • 4.Charge wearable products such as smart watches and exercise bands.
  • 5.lluminate devices: miner lamp, searchlight.
  • 6. Others: toys, models.
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Quick charge battery model table

4012253.7804.0*12*252C Charge And Discharge
4525283.72704.5*25*282C Charge And Discharge
8020343.75008.0*20*34Square, 2C Charging
7225403.76007.2*25*403C Fast Charge
3622353.72303.6*22*352C Fast Charge
6514253.71606.5*14*252C Fast Charge
7014253.71707.0*14*252C fast charge, 1C Discharge

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Q: Do you make customized products?

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A: Yes. We provide customers with OEM/ODM solutions. The OEM minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

Q: How do you package the products?

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A: We pack by United Nations regulations, and we can also provide special packaging according to customer requirements.

Q: What kind of certificate do you have?

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A: We have ISO9001, CB, CE, UL, BIS, UN38.3, KC, PSE.

Q: Do you provide free samples?

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A: We provide batteries with a power not exceeding 10WH as free samples.

Q: How long is your sample production time?

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A: Two weeks (14 days).

Q: How long does it take to produce?

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A: About 35 days. The specific time can be coordinated by email.

Q: What are the payment terms?

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A: We generally accept 50% advance payment as a deposit and 50% before the delivery as the final payment. Other methods can be negotiated.

Q: What are the delivery terms?

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A: We provide: FOB and CIF.

Q: What is the payment method?

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A: We accept payment via TT.

Q: Which markets have you sold in?

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A: We have transported goods to Northern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and other places.

Q: What is your production capacity?

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A: 120,000-150,000 pieces per day, each product has a different production capacity, you can discuss detailed information according to email.


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