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What ls Shaped Battery?

Hoppt custom-shaped batteries are designed to fit into all spaces in a product. In order to provide the best efficiency, Hoppt batteries can be made to fit into even unused spaces. With our high discharge rate technology and high energy density, you can maximize run time and use your product.

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Shaped Battery

Key Features

  • High safety performance: special enveloping technology to avoid potential internal short circuits
  • Any special shape, according to your product application requirements.
  • Micro dimension: 0.5~8 mm in thickness, 6~50 mm in width.
  • Support high-rate discharge, and fast charging capacity.
  • Wide operating temperature: -40 ℃~60 ℃ or -20 ℃~80 ℃.
  • Custom, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf batteries.
  • Test samples will be completed in 7 days.
  • Batteries of different shapes can be connected in series or in parallel.
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Battery Curve Table:


  • 1.Provide power to electronic items such as laptops, tablets, GPS and on-board mobil enavigation systems.
  • 2.Help run digital equipment such as cell phones, cameras and other products.
  • 3. Deliver reliable power to various types of portable and mobile devices.
  • 4.Charge wearable products such as smart watches and exercise bands.
  • 5.lluminate devices: miner lamp, searchlight.
  • 6. Others: toys, models.
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3113313.7903.1*13*31Curved Battery
3814473.82353.8*14*47Curved Battery
2508303.7402.5*08*30Curved Battery
2808483.7802.8*08*48Curved Battery
4009423.71254.0*09*42Curved Battery
3824383.74003.8*24*38Curved Battery
2010303.7432.0*10*30Curved Battery
1510363.7211.5*10*36Curved Battery
3020453.72603.0*20*45Curved Battery
1508303.7151.5*08*30Curved Battery
4030303.73504.0*30*30Curved Battery
6514583.75006.5*14*58Curved Battery
1809253.7251.8*09*25Curved Battery
1510253.7121.5*10*25Curved Battery
2522403.71002.5*22*40Curved Battery
2010213.7222.0*10*21Curved Battery
3020403.72003.0*20*40Curved Battery
2513413.79025*13*41Curved Battery
3513333.7903.5*13*33Curved Battery
2212303.7552.2*12*30Curved Battery
2008303.7282.0*08*30Curved Battery
2330803.74502.3*30*80Curved Battery
2510303.7552.5*10*30Curved Battery
2326303.71102.3*26*30Curved Battery
3025473.73203.0*25*47Curved Battery
2830483.73502.8*30*48Curved Battery
2536483.74002.5*36*48Curved Battery
1510363.7211.5*10*36Curved Battery
2510403.7652.5*10*40Curved Battery
3517543.73003.5*17*54Curved Battery
3820303.71503.8*20*30Curved Battery
6525473.76406.5*25*47Curved Battery
4512303.71104.5*12*30Curved Battery
3521243.851603.5*21*24Curved Battery
4014303.71054.0*14*30Curved Battery
3020353.82003.0*20*35Curved Battery
4017403.72254.0*17*40Curved Battery
3512293.7853.5*12*29Curved Battery
1510403.7401.5*10*40Curved Battery
40271103.710004.0*27*110Curved Battery
2513413.7902.5*13*41Curved Battery
6050273.89206.0*50*27Curved Battery
6050283.89706.0*50*28Curved Battery
3020353.82103.0*20*35Curved Battery
1507303.8241.5*07*30Curved Battery
1507283.8221.5*07*28Curved Battery
1507253.8191.5*07*25Curved Battery
1007223.86.11.0*07*22Curved Battery
4024253.82354.0*24*25Curved Battery
3824383.84103.8*24*38Curved Battery
3024383.82503.0*24*38Curved Battery
2524383.81852.5*24*38Curved Battery
4014303.71104.0*14*30Curved Battery
1607293.7221.6*07*29Curved Battery
1607283.7211.6*07*28Curved Battery
1607273.7201.6*07*27Curved Battery
1607263.7191.6*07*26Curved Battery
1607253.7181.6*07*25Curved Battery
1607243.7171.6*07*24Curved Battery
1607233.7161.6*07*23Curved Battery
1607223.7151.6*07*22Curved Battery
1007223.75.71.0*07*22Curved Battery
2514243.7602.5*14*24Curved Battery
4016403.72454.0*16*40Curved Battery
4009423.71304.0*09*42Curved Battery
0123233.7300.1*23*23Ultra Thin Battery
0130503.71000.1*30*50Ultra Thin Battery
0133243.7180.1*33*24Ultra Thin Battery
0139453.71100.1*39*45Ultra Thin Battery
0140183.7300.1*40*18Ultra Thin Battery
0142413.7520.1*42*41Ultra Thin Battery
0144603.72000.1*44*60Ultra Thin Battery
0144613.71800.1*44*61Ultra Thin Battery
0152533.71800.1*52*53Ultra Thin Battery
0153623.72500.1*53*62Ultra Thin Battery
0212123.7100.2*12*12Ultra Thin Battery
0212353.7400.2*12*35Ultra Thin Battery
0240403.72500.2*40*40Ultra Thin Battery
0420403.780.4*20*40Ultra Thin Battery
0422553.7250.4*22*55Ultra Thin Battery
0425293.77.50.4*25*29Ultra Thin Battery
0440503.7300.4*40*50Ultra Thin Battery
0448233.711.50.4*48*23Ultra Thin Battery
0449493.8480.4*49*49Ultra Thin Battery
0525403.7140.5*25*40Ultra Thin Battery
0530303.7110.5*30*30Ultra Thin Battery
0535593.7320.5*35*59Ultra Thin Battery
0540183.7100.5*40*18Ultra Thin Battery
0540403.7220.5*40*40Ultra Thin Battery
0548553.7420.5*48*55Ultra Thin Battery
0635353.7350.6*35*35Ultra Thin Battery
0708223.74.50.7*08*22Ultra Thin Battery
0708303.780.7*08*30Ultra Thin Battery
0719123.7120.7*19*12Ultra Thin Battery
0719233.7130.7*19*23Ultra Thin Battery
0727363.7250.7*27*36Ultra Thin Battery
0728363.7400.7*28*36Ultra Thin Battery
0818313.780.8*18*31Ultra Thin Battery
0820233.7140.8*20*23Ultra Thin Battery
0835593.7650.8*35*59Ultra Thin Battery
0845453.71000.8*45*45Ultra Thin Battery
0849493.81400.8*49*49Ultra Thin Battery
0849493.71350.8*49*49Ultra Thin Battery
0865353.7500.8*65*35Ultra Thin Battery
0915253.7150.9*15*25Ultra Thin Battery
0940343.7580.9*40*34Ultra Thin Battery
1030353.7501.0*30*35Ultra Thin Battery
1033333.7351.0*33*33Ultra Thin Battery
1040403.7601.0*40*40Ultra Thin Battery
1040493.71301.0*40*49Ultra Thin Battery
1042413.7521.0*42*41Ultra Thin Battery
1043483.71301.0*43*48Ultra Thin Battery
1046503.71401.0*46*50Ultra Thin Battery
1050703.72401.0*50*70Ultra Thin Battery
1052563.71451.0*52*56Ultra Thin Battery
1140463.851201.1*40*46Ultra Thin Battery
1160823.73001.1*60*82Ultra Thin Battery
1160983.74501.1*60*98Ultra Thin Battery
1230233.7401.2*30*23Ultra Thin Battery
1240483.851301.2*40*48Ultra Thin Battery
1260703.73001.2*60*70Ultra Thin Battery
1318173.7211.3*18*17Ultra Thin Battery
1362583.73101.3*62*58Ultra Thin Battery
01441173.73600.1*44*117Ultra Thin Battery
1510203.7121.5*10*20Ultra Thin Battery
1530303.7801.5*30*30Ultra Thin Battery
1530393.71101.5*30*39Ultra Thin Battery
1530453.71501.5*30*45Ultra Thin Battery
1616523.7901.6*16*52Ultra Thin Battery
1630503.71601.6*30*50Ultra Thin Battery
1714523.7901.7*14*52Ultra Thin Battery
1715383.7531.7*15*38Ultra Thin Battery
2323573.72102.3*23*57Ultra Thin Battery
2522403.71002.5*22*40Ultra Thin Battery
7550403.715007.5*50*40Round Battery
7550403.715007.5*50*40Round Battery
7042303.78357.0*42*30Round Battery
7035353.77257.0*35*35Round Battery
7035353.87857.0*35*35Round Battery
6539293.86656.5*39*29Round Battery
6530273.84306.5*30*27Round Battery
6045433.710506.0*45*43Round Battery
6035333.76456.0*35*33Round Battery
6035333.86506.0*35*33Round Battery
5545433.710205.5*45*43Round Battery
5535353.75805.5*35*35Round Battery
5535353.86005.5*35*35Round Battery
5516153.71005.5*16*15Round Battery
5435353.86105.4*35*35Round Battery
5335353.85605.3*35*35Round Battery
5135353.75255.1*35*35Round Battery
5030273.73005.0*30*27Round Battery
4837353.75304.8*37*35Round Battery
4835353.75304.8*35*35Round Battery
4835353.85454.8*35*35Round Battery
4737363.85804.7*37*36Round Battery
4730273.83304.7*30*27Round Battery
4635353.84804.6*35*35Round Battery
4535353.74504.5*35*35Round Battery
4535353.84904.5*35*35Round Battery
4530273.72854.5*30*27Round Battery
4437353.74504.4*37*35Round Battery
4337363.85304.3*37*36Round Battery
4037363.84954.0*37*36Round Battery
4035353.73904.0*35*35Round Battery
4035353.84054.0*35*35Round Battery
4035303.83604.0*35*30Round Battery
4033273.853054.0*33*27Round Battery
4030273.72504.0*30*27Round Battery
3630273.82253.6*30*27Round Battery
3535353.73303.5*35*35Round Battery
3533313.82953.5*33*31Round Battery
3530273.72203.5*30*27Round Battery
3337363.83853.3*37*36Round Battery
3335353.73003.3*35*35Round Battery
3135353.83003.1*35*35Round Battery
3035353.72753.0*35*35Round Battery
3030283.81853.0*30*28Round Battery
3030273.71703.0*30*27Round Battery
3028233.81403.0*28*23Round Battery
2535353.72202.5*35*35Round Battery
2530273.71352.5*30*27Round Battery
2530273.81452.5*30*27Round Battery
12543.88012*54Micro Battery
12403.85512*40Micro Battery
10543.85010*54Micro Battery
10403.83510*40Micro Battery
08403.8188*40Micro Battery
11543.86511*54Micro Battery
11403.84511*40Micro Battery
09543.8359*54Micro Battery
09403.8269*40Micro Battery
04253.8284*25Micro Battery
2410203.8302.4*10*20D Shape Battery
3014253.8823.0*14*25D Shape Battery
3334123.8953.3*34*12D Shape Battery
6029323.72806.0*29*32D Shape Battery

*Contact us for more details.


Q: Do you make customized products?

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A: Yes. We provide customers with OEM/ODM solutions. The OEM minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

Q: How do you package the products?

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A: We pack by United Nations regulations, and we can also provide special packaging according to customer requirements.

Q: What kind of certificate do you have?

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A: We have ISO9001, CB, CE, UL, BIS, UN38.3, KC, PSE.

Q: Do you provide free samples?

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A: We provide batteries with a power not exceeding 10WH as free samples.

Q: How long is your sample production time?

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A: Two weeks (14 days).

Q: How long does it take to produce?

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A: About 35 days. The specific time can be coordinated by email.

Q: What are the payment terms?

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A: We generally accept 50% advance payment as a deposit and 50% before the delivery as the final payment. Other methods can be negotiated.

Q: What are the delivery terms?

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A: We provide: FOB and CIF.

Q: What is the payment method?

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A: We accept payment via TT.

Q: Which markets have you sold in?

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A: We have transported goods to Northern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and other places.

Q: What is your production capacity?

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A: 120,000-150,000 pieces per day, each product has a different production capacity, you can discuss detailed information according to email.


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