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651566 3.7V 440mAh 1.63Wh

651566 3.7V 440mAh 1.63Wh Curved Battery

The special-shaped battery is customized according to the shape and radian of the product and can be designed according to the capacity requirements and battery radian required by customers.
Without-in protection circuit board for these batteries to prevent over-current, over-charge and discharge, short-circuit, and temperature control.
We have a large stock of finished lithium batteries, you don't need to customize, you can find all the batteries you want here.

  • Light-Weight , Powerful, Long-Lasting
  • Light-Weight , Powerful, Long-Lasting
  • High Reliability & High Safety
  • High Reliability & High Safety
  • Vary In Capacity, Size, Shape For Prototypes
  • Vary In Capacity, Size, Shape For Prototypes
  • Huge Range Of Li-Poly Batteries For Select & Evaluate.
  • Huge Range Of Li-Poly Batteries For Select & Evaluate.
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